Early Access OUT NOW

Key Features:

  • PVP FPS with Roguelike upgrades
  • 3 starting suits, each with unique weapons, abilities, and upgrades
  • Roguelite progression tree for each suit
  • Early Access Release Game Modes: 4v4 Wipeout, 16v16 Warmup
  • Custom Map Editor

Our second game launch!!

We’ve been really quiet as a studio since the release of our first game, Diabotical, in 2020. Over the years, we've been tinkering away at our own Glitch engine, prepping it to tackle on a wider scope. We had big dreams and a big vision, and our studio now consists of an eclectic mix of mappers, modders, pro gamers, hackers, programmers, and newcomers.

Today, we're soft launching with two PVP modes test out our characters, roguelike systems and optimization. Player feedback is crucial here and will help inform future development plans.

Our goal during Early Access

More content such as ranked matchmaking and new suits are in the works. We plan to take Early Access insights and improve on team-based elements, such as player synergy and suit dependencies. We also want to introduce more augmented weapons and abilities to increase dynamic gameplay.

Some fun tidbits

  • We shadow dropped our game at the OTK Games Expo on 4th June, 2024.
  • Our music Soundtracks are composed by ex-Youtuber Seth Everman (!!) We're honored that he has joined our studio as music composer and meme expert.
  • The public custom map editor is the same tool that our developers are using to build our maps. We're working on making it more user-friendly and accessible.

Join our Discord

Pop in to chat with us and share your gameplay experience. We also post more detailed updates of our development there.

If you’re not interested in an early access game, just wishlisting our game will help us alot! And we hope to see you in game soon ;)